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ShortcutAlex wakes up in a remote area wearing a hazmat suit. Confused and disoriented, he must put the pieces together to find out who he is and why he's there.


Sequester- Three friends fall victim to suspicion and supernatural forces following an afternoon hike.


What Keeps Us- A suspensful drama about a backwoods teenager who is terrorized by the sinister ghosts in his room and the iron hand of his despotic father. 


They Came and Left- A tranquil town in the 1950s is suddenly disrupted by alien invasions, mysterious multiple murders, and strange disappearances.


On Her Lips!- A dark comedy set in an upscale living room of the Roaring Twenties. The only thing keeping Josephine from shooting her brother's killer Maxwell is her undying love for him... and that dreadfully heavy handgun.


Alayka- A disaffected teen struggles with her extrasensory abilities, her sexuality and a tragic loss that still haunts her as she comes of age. 

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